The Best Guitar For Heavy Metal

While it is true that an amateur may play bad regardless of which one of the types of guitars he chooses, it’s also vital to remember that some instruments are just not made for some genres. Metal is one of the finest examples of a genre that requires specific instruments in order to be played. That’s the main reason why so many people online keep asking the question “What is the best guitar for heavy metal?”

But is there a simple straightforward answer? Let’s first examine what qualities a metal guitar should have :

  • Naturally beginners should prefer guitars with humbuckers – this will guarantee that the sound is properly filtered for noise
  • More extreme genres sound better if the body of the guitar is made out of solid wood, instead of hollow.
  • Some guitar brands are specifically made for the genre. Brands like Jackson, Gibson, ESP, Ibanez or Shecter might be a good choice.
  • Good woods for guitar bodies are alder, mahogany, maple and basswood, for the fretboard – Rosewood, Maple and Ebony.

These tips should be of use to you when looking for a guitar. If you don’t have the time to do proper research, however, there are some models which would most probably suit your needs. These are:

Jackson JS32 Warrior

A perfect choice for a novice in playing heavy metal, this guitar’s body is made from basswood, with a maple neck, ideal for heavy metal purposes. The special Jackson humbucking pickups feature ceramic magnets. The 24 jumbo frets will make playing easier. The design is also really suitable for heavy metal purposes, and the graphite reinforced maple neck makes it durable as well as good looking. It’s one of the best choices for beginners.

Shecter Hellraiser C-1

Made out of mahogany, this guitar has a classic, rugged and aggressive look to it. The neck is comprised of three pieces, making it more durable than most other guitars. The rosewood fretboard looks and feels fascinating, due to its natural oiliness. It’s a bit pricier compared to the Jackson we described above, but it’s more professional in many regards as well. The pickups give it its harsh sound, but they’re not humbuckers, which means it’s suitable for more experienced players.

ESP Eclipse II FR

This masterpiece of instrument manufacturing is made out of three different types of high quality wood – mahogany for the body and neck, ebony for the fretboard and a maple top. It has a simplistic, yet elegant design, with a thin U-neck contour. At the price of nearly $2000, it’s a guitar used mostly by professionals, and it’s not recommended for amateurs or novices. Many accomplished musicians prefer this particular model.

Last but not least it’s worth it to mention that a lot of the guitar manufacturing companies offer special models, advertised by popular guitarists. More often than not, these models aren’t any better than the company’s other guitars, but are a lot more expensive due to the way they look and the way they’re advertised. Most experienced guitar players realize that, but novices fail to do so, and end up paying top dollar for an instrument they might quit playing after just a couple of weeks. To sum things up – if you’re just starting up with heavy metal, don’t buy the most expensive guitar you can afford!

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